Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Off Topic... Celebrations & Bitter-Sweet... Cheers & Tears...

This past Saturday we celebrated my little girls 4th birthday. I can't believe she's 4 years old. Where does the time go?
So a party was to be had, and had a party we did (x's 2). Why x's 2?
Well on Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday, we had another celebration. A celebration of the Pittsburgh Steelers being the only 6 x's Super Bowl Champs. My husband was in heaven, although I thought I might have to take him to the ER in the last 2 minutes of the game. So you see 2 x's the celebration this weekend.
But, this weekend also brought sadness.
Sadness that my mother is no longer here to share and celebrate with us.
I was really, really, really missing her this weekend.
I was sad that my little girl will not have vivid memories of her.
Sad that in the 1 &1/2 years that she has been gone I hear less and less of her laugh.
Sad that I feel like a 4 old year little girl, lost and looking for her mommy. . .
I love & miss you, mom.


437 said...

Lil P.
Glad to see you posting again.
Your mother will live on for you and your daughters thru your memories and thru your stories of her. Not to lessen your sadness but to encourage.

Chris H said...

Thank you for your kind words chick, I appreciate it. {{HUGS}}

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